Since its foundation in 1997, the law firm has been specializing in the advice to and  representation of individuals and firms engaged in the media, communication, entertainment and  advertising industries, of trademark owners and licensors. Producers, broadcasting stations,  providers, agencies, hosts and organizers, athletes and artists as well as investors, insurers and  sponsors are counted among our clients.   
In addition to our key practice areas, we provide legal advice to our clients in the field of general  civil law and the law of civil procedure as well as in corporate law, trade law and labour law  issues. To satisfy the manifold requirements of our German and international clientele, our law  firm cooperates with German and foreign colleagues, tax consultants, agencies and institutions.   
The conception and structure of our legal services are geared to highly efficient legal advice in  line with the market. Legal advice, contract drafting and litigation are our key competences as a  know-how partner to our clients whom we support and assist in reaching their personal and  entrepreneurial goals. Besides providing traditional legal services, we also make our skills  available as an outsourced legal department or as a partner to our clients’ legal departments. 
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